The 8Track Story

an 8Track spiced rum Gif of a small gree tape recorder wearing sunglasses dancing as small music notes come out of him.

Independent in our thinking, and here for all the good times, 8Track was created by Cornish friends Matt and Jem in 2021. Here’s our story so far…

During the lockdown of 2020, Jem & Matt began putting together a plan to create a fun, celebratory spiced rum brand. With two of Jem’s sons in an indie band, and the government releasing a campaign that advised those working within the arts sector to retrain, the pair decided to create a rum that would support and celebrate the work of independent musicians and venues.

Having chosen a Caribbean rum to form the base of 8Track, the pair began to work with a UK-based distillery to form the unique 8Track recipe. Over four months they tested different blends with mixologists, friends and family before landing on the perfect, zesty, smooth-drinking spiced rum that is 8Track.

Inspired by the iconic recording kit from the 60s, 70s and 80s that is behind so many classic tunes and musical artists, 8Track's name was born, and the first ever batch was bottled in May 2021, eagerly watched on by Matt and Jem alongside team members Jamie and James. The group decided to sample the rum back at their hotel and two bottles later they had mixed up some 8Track concoctions, and named our signature serves - Twisted Fire Starter, Back to Black and Night Fever.

We’ve partied at festivals all over the UK, hosted 8Track Present nights, customised an American school bus into a fully mobile rum bar named The 8Track Roadie, and even won a few awards

Perfect for drinking on the rocks, with your favourite mixer, or as the base of a cocktail, you’ll find 8Track Spiced Rum at hundreds of pubs and bars across the UK, or of course on our online shop and Amazon.