Official World Cup Songs (Part 1)

Since 1990, FIFA have named an official song for each World Cup, and with just a few weeks until kick-off at Qatar 2022 we’re counting down the nine official tracks from the last 32 years, starting off with 1990-98. Make sure you have a listen and let us know if there's a winner for you!

Italy 1990

Un’estate italiana, Edoardo Bennato and Gianna Nannini (English Version - To Be Number One, Giorgio Moroder Project)

Originally recorded in Italian, this track hit number one in Italy and Switzerland, and was the best-selling single for a huge nine months in Italy! Un'estate italiana, meaning ‘An Italian Summer’, was followed by an English version ‘To be number one’.



USA 1994

Gloryland, Daryl Hall and Sounds of Blackness

Sang at the opening ceremony and used as the intro to ITV’s coverage of the tournament, Gloryland was originally an instrumental track based on the traditional spiritual song "Glory, Glory (Lay My Burden Down)”. Daryl Hall and Sounds of Blackness released the song with added lyrics for the world cup in 1994, hitting number 36 in the UK singles chart.



France 1998

La Copa de la Vida (The Cup of Life), Ricky Martin

Ranked as the best World Cup song of all time by various publications, The Cup of Life was released by Ricky Martin on his fourth studio album in 1998. Hitting the charts in more than 60 countries, and topping 30, it’s one of the most successful world cup songs and was also praised for causing a worldwide Latin explosion!



Keep your eyes out for next week's blog, we'll be going through 2002 - 2010!

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