Earth Day 2023

Earth Day 2023
This Saturday (22nd April) marks Earth Day and to celebrate, we’re thinking about how we can do a little bit extra to do better for our planet. Here are a few of the steps 8Track has taken so far:
Offsetting our Carbon Emissions

We’re committed to calculating our carbon emissions each year and we’re using this to learn and reduce our emissions wherever possible.

Where we can’t reduce or remove carbon just yet, we’re offsetting these emissions through Ecologi. So far, we've offset 45 tC02e (tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent) for our first year of operations, which was June 2021- May 2022.

You can check out our Ecologi dashboard here and see how much carbon we’ve offset since 8Track launched in 2021. You’ll also see the projects our purchases have helped support. 

Better bottles

8Track bottles are made of 49% recycled glass, and the seals we use around the cork are plant-based to remove plastic from the 8Track bottle.

Plastic-free packaging
We use plastic-free packaging when shipping orders to our customers, with the use of the amazing Flexi-Hex boxes and paper tape. We’ve also designed 8Track gift sets to be 100% plastic free. 

We’re a new company and these are small steps but our mission here at 8Track is clear:

Celebrate good times together
Support new and live music
Do better for our people and our planet

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