8Track brings spiced rum slushies to cool the heatwave

8Track Spiced Rum Slushy Strawberry Fields Forever

We'll all remember the summer of 2022 for the heatwave which has provided a tropical backdrop for 8Track's festival season. And to help keep 8Track lovers cool and refreshed in the Summer sunshine as they groove to their favourite tunes and artists, this year we've introduced 8Track ice slushies, served from our own 8Track Skoolie.

Inspired by daiquiries, there are three 8Track Slushy cocktails for 2022 - all music-inspired of course:

Mr Blue Sky - 8Track and blue raspberries

Club Tropicana - 8Track and tropical fruits

Strawberry Fields Forever - 8Track and strawberries

The slushies have been a big hit so far at Rock Oyster Festival and ValleyFest. Look out for their next outing on the Skoolie at The Great Dorset Steam Fair 

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